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"ANSI? Schmansi!" at PostgresConf 2018

I gave a talk last week at PostgresConf US 2018 titled "ANSI, Schmansi! How I learned to stop worrying and love Postgres-isms". The slides for the talk can be viewed online here:

This talk is about using the full potential of your choice of database with concrete examples of Postgres-specific features. The audience was wonderful and I look forward to more feedback on the topic.

The slides were built with a customized reveal.js template for writing in pug. This allows for most of the example SQL to be housed in separate files (in the sql/ directory) and referenced from the templates. The source for the slides including the example SQL is available here.

Updated 2018-04-26: There's no official video from the conference but a member of the audience recorded a video of the talk and posted it on YouTube. You can watch it here.

Do you think embracing database specific behavior is a great idea? Let me know!